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Magic Flute

Its Essence

"... she believes everything, hopes everything, she tolerates everything. Love never ends." Cor. 1, 13

Bible passages crystallise the deep and spiritual message of W.A. Mozart's masterpiece "The Magic Flute".

Seven young, semi-professional singers, accompanied by piano and flute, sing and play excerpts from the complete work. The theme of borders and overcoming borders finds expression both within the scenes and in the accompanying art installation "Walls".


Tamino, (Animus - male soul aspect)

Pamina (Anima - female aspect of the soul)

Tamino the fair youth is inflamed!

He wants to free Pamina, the daughter of the Night Queen, from the walls of the Sun King.

The path leads him to unknown and dangerous places, but his Magic Flute gives him protection, guidance and support.

Tamino and Pamina must pass through many trials until they are ready to be allowed to unite "purified".

The play describes a path of initiation from ancient Egypt. Christian mysticism becomes understandable and accessible through the reading of powerful passages from the New Testament.

Kunstobjekte: Ina Brandt


Sarastro: David Schaffner

Tamino: Joël Farine

Pamina: Elischewa Dreyfus

Sprecher und Geharnischter: Lucas Bähler

1. Knabe: Klara Kirchner

2. Knabe: Meret Kirchner

3. Knabe: Emilia Brandt


Querflöte: Martina Kirchner

Klavier: Emilie Casanova

Orgel: Pascale Van Coppenolle


Regie: Christoph Stämpfli, Ina Brandt, Elischewa Dreyfus

Konzept: Elischewa Dreyfus

Idee: Theodor Schmidt, Pascale Van Coppenolle und Elischewa Dreyfus


Lesen der Bibelstellen: Theodor Schmidt

Erzähler und Bewegung: Lukas Dreyfus

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