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From Isis to Mary

Welcome to the crowdfunding page of the musical peace journey “From Isis to Mary”. 

From Isis to Mary

A musical journey of peace

A journey inspired by archetypal images from ancient Egyptian and Judeo-Christian as the spiritual background of classical Western music.

Press comment on the concerts in the Bieler Tagblatt (March 23, 2023)

Press comment on the concerts in the Bieler Tagblatt

D'Isis à Marie | Programme du Concert


From Isis to Mary| Booklet

English Version

Music Samples 

Short music samples from my new album.

01 Isis & Osiris – Urmutter & Urvater (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 01:21
03 Set tötet Osiris und wirft ihn in den Nil (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:21
05 Isis ruft Ma’at und Hathor um geistige Hilfe an (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:39
07 Om Tryambakam – Heilung durch Bewusstsein (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 01:06
09 Osiris wird von Set zerstückelt (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:37
11 Amin Amen Aoum OM – Antwort aus der Quelle (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:50
13 Amen – Osiris wird Gott der Unterwelt – alles ist Teil einer grossen Ordnung (Snippet).Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:43
15 Ave Shechina Shalom – GrussundFriedendergöttlich-weiblichenGegenwartHebräisch_01Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:48
17 Gabhaim Molta Bridge – Wie der Christus-Impuls feinstofflich nach Irland kam (Snippet).Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:57
19 Abwûn d’bwaschmâja – Vater Unser _ aramäisch (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:47
21 Angriff auf das Licht – Jesu Kreuzigung (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:33
23 Stabat Mater – 1. Satz (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:51
25 Oh Maria – Heilige Frauen (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 01:05
27 Verwandlung - Einleitung aus dem Dissonanzenquartett in C-Dur (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:46
02 Von der Einheit zur Dualität (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:40
04 Isis trauert um Osiris und geht auf die Suche nach ihm (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:48
06 Om Purnam adah – Alles ist in der Ganzheit enthalten (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 01:09
08 Anu Ari Pata – Alles ist in mir enthalten – Ich bin das Licht (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:45
10 Isis ist verzweifelt und ruft nach der Sonne - dem Licht (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:59
12 Isis schöpft neue Kraft – sie erwacht zu neuem Leben - Horus (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:48
14 Mi Ma’amakim – Aus der Tiefe ruf ich zu dir, O Gott - Psalm 130 (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:50
16 Mari Maria Myriam Malkuta (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 01:03
18 Na Garje – Die Stadt auf dem Berge (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:34
20 Air in D-Dur (Orchestersuite Nr.3) (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:59
22 Stimmung aus Golgatha (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:28
24 Mortem Filii - Tod des Sohnes (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:30
26 Das Alte steigt auf, bevor das Neue kommen kann (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 00:57
28 Ave Sophia – Es ist an der Zeit (Snippet)Eli Schewa
00:00 / 01:34

Project Description

Looking for a current topic

At the beginning of 2022 I was looking for a topic for a new project. Suddenly it was clear: “From Isis to Mary” that should be the title.


But how does Isis sound? How do I come up with melodies that go back so far and are still musically current? What connection is there to today? I set off to Egypt to the Isis temples on the Nile: I was inspired in Dendera and Philae! From there I brought back melodies and some old words.

And Mary, the one who has so far been sung about devoutly, even rather piously? I was looking for the free Mary, free from patriarchy! In free connection to the divine. Bringing the Divine Feminine into the light and honoring it.

DSC_0967 (Edit).jpg

I love classical vocal music, but as a spiritually oriented person today, I am looking for new horizons - an understanding of larger contexts and connections. In this way, a lot of things make new sense and old and new come together. With string quartet and accordion it should be, enlivening ancient languages and connecting cultures,awakening!

Almost everything we know from Western classical spiritual music has been related to Jesus Christ and Mary: The Messiah, masses, Stabat Mater, oratorios, Ave Maria's. However, what cultural basis and mood lived at theTurning point, that we sing about so often? Where was the reference to Isis, Miriam, early Christianity, Gnostic Christianity, the Celtic initiates and the holy women around Jesus? The name Maria-Mirjam already appears as the sister of Moses, who saved him, a key name in Jewish culture.

The fellow musicians

The encounter with Felicia Birkenmeier and Gotthard Killian turned out to be a coincidence. They understood what I was talking about and had the musical tools to implement it. You have been dealing with these questions for years. The other musicians, Udo Auch and Olivier Vogt and the young musician Viviane Ruoff also brought their musical and inner skills to the success of this work, which none of us could have achieved alone.

01 edit.jpg

The inspiration

To find sounds of the Virgin Mary, I went to Chartres Cathedral and learned that it is Europe's oldest Marian shrine. The Druids worshiped a Madonna “Pariturae”, who was supposed to give birth to “the child”, even before the birth of Christ. In Chartres I again came up with clear melodic inspiration for our work.

But where is the connection to the now?

The name SOPHIA (Greek: wisdom) appeared in me. I found essential suggestions for this in “Pistis Sophia” and R. Steiner. After the wisdom and love powers of Isis and Mary found through suffering, Sophia is on a different level, she is forward-looking and in the last aria our text reads:  Man, get up, rise from your sleep! Recognize yourself, recognize me, the earth is calling for you. My heart sings SOPHIA, recognize: it is time.

A new force from five millennia

The result is a work that brings female energy to the fore, a force that lives in every person, whether man or woman. A force that can be groundbreaking and nourishing, clarifying and giving strength for the future. An arc that spans at least five millennia: linguistically from ancient Egyptian to Sanskrit, from Hebrew to Aramaic, from Gaelic to ancient Russian and finally from Latin to the German language. From the simple melodic to greater complexity. From tonal to newer sounds: hopeful, forward-looking.

I had goosebumps several times during your singing and the feeling that there were pianos & angelic beings also work. 


Opportunities for support

This is how you can help support the project

Besides normal music albums, we also offer signed versions.

Donations for our association Universal Sound are now allowed.

certified and deducted from taxes.

CHF 30

CD “From Isis to Mary”

You will receive a CD by post.

CHF 100

Signed CD

You will receive the CD with the personal signature of all artists.

CHF 30

CD “From Isis to Mary”

You will receive a CD by post.

Ordner the CD

Possibility to order the CD online for CHF 30.

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