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Day workshop

"Voice ringing"

Exercises that make our instrument - the body - feel good.
Exercises that release tense muscles, expand our etheric body and activate the energy centers.
By letting your own voice sound and the differentiated perception of the vibrations in the body, the mucous membranes and fascia begin to vibrate more intensely and the vocal cords develop a freer vibration - a ringing.
"Voice - expression of my true nature": What do I feel when I sing? Where is it narrow, where is it far? Where light, where dark? Which beliefs are still weighing on my voice?
Perceiving these beliefs in the intimacy of the small group and naming them relaxes the nervous system and the voice becomes "free".
Sing simple songs from different styles and parts of the world together with a relaxed voice and awakened senses and let the sound touch and fill you.
Data in progress. Also possible on request.
Location: Atelier AuRum Nordweg 4, 2502 Biel
Register directly with Elischewa Dreyfus. 078 647 75 13 and

Thank you for registering, I will get back to you by email as soon as possible.

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