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Sound Island

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Sound as a resource

to feel yourself.

The sound bed - reclining monochord is an extraordinary possibility to experience sound in the whole body. The string instrument resembles a table or a bed. On the underside there are 45 steel strings tuned to the tone F. They sound when the strings are pressed. They sound when the strings are struck. The wood transmits the frequencies and thus massages the body sonically in a very delicate way. Tensions can be released, fasciae become more vibratory and unimagined spaces begin to expand. A variety of overtones stimulates the ear to listen differently.

The tuning of the monochord is 432Hz. This corresponds to the earth and body frequency and therefore has a particularly regenerating effect.

Elischewa's voice is also part of the sound experience.


She accompanies the monochord work in a gentle way and lets primal syllables such as OM flow in. As needed, one's own voice is invited to hum or sound along.

A short arrival and follow-up talk embeds the experience in a responsible framework.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Costs: 150.- Fr. 

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