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Performers / project management

Elischewa Dreyfus

Born in Switzerland with a Jewish father and German mother, she works as a singer, singing teacher and project manager. Elischewa Dreyfus was

Invited several times to the “Beth Lahem Live” Festival in Bethlehem.

Marlis Walter

The Solothurn pianist Marlis Walter accompanies Elischewa Dreyfus on the piano.

She is a Bach, Schubert and Mozart interpreter, accompanist, composer and chamber music partner.

Lukas Dreyfus

Lukas Dreyfus is a therapist and freelance pantomime. He was invited to the "Beth Lahem Live" festival in Bethlehem. There he introduced the local population to pantomime in his workshops.

Sami Awad / "Holy Land Trust Organization"

Sami Award is the initiator and organizer of the "Beth Lahem Live" festival in Bethlehem. He is the founder of the "Holy Land Trust Organization" - an organization that aims to sustain the path of peace in Palestine

to support. In addition to the festival, the organization realizes workshops, working groups and training courses for women and young people throughout the year.

Erik Petry

Erik Petry, Prof. Dr. phil., is head of the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Basel and he is at the Dr. hc Emile Dreyfus teaching and research center for Jewish history.

Marc Joset

Marc Joset is a supervisor, organizational consultant and board member of the “Friedensbrugg” association. On behalf of the "Freundeskreis E. & L. Dreyfus"

he is in charge of the project management of "Beth Lahem Live 2019"

and works as a moderator at the events.

Support group E. & L. Dreyfus

In the summer of 2018, the E. & L. Dreyfus support group was founded in Biel.

He supports the joint appearances of Elischewa Dreyfus (vocals) and Lukas Dreyfus (pantomime) - the unique interplay of music and pantomime. For more information, please contact


Friedensbrugg (Bridge of Peace) mediates between rival ethnic groups: with peace education in schools, environmental protection projects, seminars in non-violent communication. After the outbreak of the civil war

in the former Yugoslavia, Friedensbrugg settled mainly in Croatia,

Serbia and Macedonia are committed and are currently also active in Ukraine.

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