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Voices from the audience

Impressions from concert goers

Light and shadow:

"Dear Elischewa,

I heard you and saw you in Bern! How beautiful, how touching. 

Thankyouthankyouthankyou both, three of you. Peace has spread."


We are THANKFUL - and FULL OF ADMIRATION towards you - it was so AMAZING and STIMMING,

unbelievably beautiful.

High quality in everything: music, concept, presentation, the whole programme: a radiant unity.

                                                                         Basel, 23.08.2019

2020_Portrait Elisheva_1.jpeg

You know, Elischewa, I prefer music-making like this to a large-scale concert with celebrities! Your voice was wonderfully warm and colourful, I looked forward to every note, the message was heartfelt and from the bottom of my heart. Also Lukas with his pantomime! A breeze from heaven accompanies us.

                                                                                                                  Bern, December 2019

The premiere in Binningen, BL, on 20 October was a touching, moving experience beyond all measure. The authentic performance of voice/vocals, pantomime and music/piano was one big harmony, especially with the harmonious stage design, which interpreted the well-known Beatitudes in an unconventional, but highly topical and contemporary way.

The high vocal quality of the soprano E.D. was (again) absolutely convincing in content and form. The timbre and shaping, the expression and purity.

A truly unforgettable musical experience that will live on in many hearts for a long time!

Dear Mrs Dreyfus,

So we attended the concert in Nidau - we liked it very much, it appealed to us very much. And best of all was your voice: what breadth of timbre! I particularly appreciated that I had the impression: you put your voice entirely at the service of the music - and not the other way round. For example: How unspeakably difficult it is that the first lines of the Bach cantata do not sound operatic in the manner of Mozart's music, for all its "amusement" (I have heard quite "bad" interpretations of this!: a cantata must not sound like an opera just because the soprano has just had the best operatic training!) You have mastered this challenge excellently!

2020_Portrait Elischewa_1.jpeg

Now I finally got around to listening to your music: thank you very much! What an extraordinary voice you have- deeply touching and beautiful.

Now Bethlehem has had to wait 2000 years to hear an angel sing again." Residents of Bethlehem.

                               Summer 2017, Inhabitants of Bethlehem

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