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Singing Lessons

Elischewa is an invaluable help on the way to uncovering more for myself - what singing really is. Each singing lesson opens new doors to becoming a more vibrant instrument. With her fine sense, Elischewa always picks up the voice where its current starting point is and takes it by the hand to take a step towards greater freedom. Never with pressure, but always as an invitation. What Elischewa teaches in the singing lesson is her lived experience. Always starting from the point where she is on her own path with the voice. A true joy and a gift!

Singing has been my life companion since childhood. I have sung in many projects year after year.

But I really started to discover my sounding voice, my possibilities, only after I turned 50 with Elischewa.

Elischewa has the sensitivity and ideas that tone colours and timbre, with letting go and proper breathing/movement, make the voice sound natural. She finds words that trick my system into making the voice sound clear and pure again, despite the noise. I gain confidence and keep it.

Our collaboration is a constant growing and merging of the human sound body that then expresses the voice. Discovering new possibilities, emphasising individuality, releasing old patterns, or correcting old habits, all this happens in the singing lesson without pressure.

I enjoy our working hours, which are varied, diverse and designed and adapted with passion for the music.

Thank you!

2020_Portrait Elischewa_1.jpeg

I am curious and a little uncertain when I sign up for singing lessons with Elischewa. What do I want from a professional singer? Me, who can neither read music nor have the feeling that I can warble more than a campfire song?...

Months later, I am singing in two voices with Elischewa and singing anew in an ensemble, strengthened and full of enthusiasm for different styles of music. 

Joy, not only about the musical ground she gave me, but also about many experiences in new spaces, where I could grow, feel...  Connections between different worlds, where spirituality connects with reality, where negative feelings fade away and only being-one counts, being-there and where emotions become power. Thank you Elischewa!

– Regula Sch.

Dear Elischewa, the always special singing lesson with you always gives me great joy! You make my voice sound so playfully every time, vibrate and communicate with my body.  You also let my voice dive into opening new spaces, which are all tangibly connected and expand more and more. Through your clairvoyant, creative and competent way of designing the exercises, blockages can be released each time and my voice becomes freer, fuller,Land clearer.

Your profession is at the same time a divine calling and this is so very tangible. I am now looking forward to your new CD!

In grateful, heartfelt solidarity — Annelies

2020_Portrait Elischewa_1.jpeg
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