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Singing Lessons

Music of the heart and the essence of life

Cranio – Vocal – Sacral 2020 01.jpg
Cranio – Vocal – Sacral 2020 02.jpg

Inspired by voice exercises of the Lichtenberger method, my long-time work with Marianne Prato (Werbeck), Susanna Schneeberger (Lichtenberger) and Barbara Erni, classical singing lessons, I offer an individual composition of exercises. Thanks to my personal way with the voice and my ability to perceive, I can respond individually to your questions as well as your system. 

What does your voice need to show itself and unfold? 

Searching and finding anew every time!


Depending on your needs, we study classical songs, songs from all over the world, musicals or improvisations. I accompany you on my melodious Bechstein piano. Alternatively, the monochord offers a sound carpet on which the voice can experience security and freedom.

2020_Portrait Elisheva_1.jpeg

Duration: 1 hour

Costs: CHF 100.-

Location: AuRum, Nordweg 4, 2502 Biel, Switzerland

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